ImageNow 6.7 Client Installation

The ImageNow 6.7 Client Installer can be downloaded here. You may be prompted to log into the download site - if so, use your UMS/MaineStreet credentials.

Before installing the client:
While our testing has found that ImageNow capture profiles are unaffected by the upgrade process, we are still recommending that any users who scan or print documents into Imagenow back up their capture and device profiles. Directions on how to do this can be found at the page linked below:
Backing Up and Transferring Device and Capture Profiles

For directions on how to install, use the links below:
Upgrading an existing 6.6 installation of the ImageNow client: Walkthrough  (Download/Print)
Clean installation of the ImageNow client: Walkthrough  (Download/Print)

IMPORTANT: Post-installation - ImageNow Printer Configuration
Any users who use the client and the ImageNow Printer to capture emails, Word documents, .pdf files, etc. into ImageNow must follow the steps on the page linked below:

Note: On first time use, post upgrade, users may run into a toolbar error message. More information can be found here.