How to fix: "The network connection to ImageNow Server has been disconnected"

When launching ImageNow for the first time, you may see the following error message, preventing log in:

This issue usually occurs with workstations where certain computer and hardware specific files related to ImageNow get installed, but do not match to the hardware or network configuration of the current workstation.This mismatch causes the computer to not be recognized by the server, preventing access. This typically happens with re-imaged workstations, but can also occur with computers who have some sort of other network or hardware change. 

  • Navigate to the C:\Program Data\ImageNow\etc\ folder - (Note that this assumes Windows 7 or higher for the operating system)
  • Delete the files in that folder - typically there are only 2 or 3 present
  • Relaunch the ImageNow Client and try to log in again
Deleting the files in the above listed folder forces the program to recreate them with the correct hardware and network fingerprint, allowing access.