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ImageNow 6.7 - Unable to access a document in workflow in a Working state

posted Aug 15, 2013, 1:22 PM by John Brown
In the 6.7 version of ImageNow, connections to ImageNow are tracked by sessions, and not user ID. As explained in an upgrade status update this means that users can be logged into the system from two separate workstations with the same user ID. However, this does cause a new issue - if you are accidentally logged out or disconnected from the ImageNow client while working on a document in workflow, your open document will be stuck with a status of working and may not be accessible to you. Here are the key points regarding this change:
  • Users with a queue lead or manager level access to the queue with the affected document can right-click on the document and select Workflow > Mark Item as Idle. Unfortunately, this ability will only work in regular queues, not in super-queues (those queues with an additional queue name starting with SQ in parentheses).
  • Documents in this state will automatically get their status reset to Idle after a timeout period - this is currently set to 1 hour
  • If neither of the above are options and a document needs to be accessed immediately, UMS ITS application support staff can reset the document's status for you. Please contact us at