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ImageNow 6.7 - Post-Upgrade Status Update #3

posted Aug 9, 2013, 8:16 AM by John Brown
Most of the upgrade issues are behind us now, but we are still working on the workflow ordering issue that we described in the previous update. We have a status update on that issue below, as well as a few items that were fixed with the upgrade, and lastly a "hidden" feature that was included in the update that some of you might find useful. We will continue to keep the community updated on the workflow issue, but other than that, this will likely be our final update on the 6.7 upgrade. Enjoy!

Document Capturing Issues - Status Update
We are still seeing the issues with captured documents arriving in the QA or Linking queues in an order different than what they were scanned in. We have an open case with the ImageNow vendor for this problem to see if this is a known issue that can be fixed, or if this is just how the process works in the new version. There is a possibility that architectural changes have introduced this behavior to the system. Our short term solution continues to be to sort your QA queue by Scan Date and not Time in Queue. If a fix is not readily available, our long-term solution may be to permanently change this sorting for you, so that you do not need to keep doing it every time you access the queue. We will continue to post updates on this issue as we get additional information.

WebNow Fixes
We have a trio of fixes to WebNow that were delivered with the upgrade, and that are worth highlighting:
  • Java 7 Support  - The upgraded version of WebNow does support Java 7 now. Specifically, the issue with pages printing blank has been tested and verified as being corrected. Users should be able to safely upgrade to Java 7 now without worry of introducing issues to WebNow.
  • Certificate Expiration Issue - The Trusted Certificate issue we ran into earlier this year has been resolved with the upgrade. A new valid certificate was installed as part of the update.
  • WebNow "Freezing" Issue - There was a known issue when using workflow in WebNow, where routing the last item out of a queue would sometimes cause the system to become unresponsive. The new version corrects this issue.
"Hidden" Feature - Multiple Logins with the Same User ID
As some of you may have noticed already, an architectural change to the system now allows for users to log into the ImageNow client from two different computers at the same time, with the same user ID. In the past, this would force a logout of the user on the previous PC if they tried to log in somewhere else. This is no longer the case. This should prove useful to users who frequently have to switch workstations, going from their regular computer to a scanning workstation, for example. However, this is not a way for different people to log into the system at the same time with the same user ID. Per the Univerity's information security policy (section 8.5.2), user IDs should never be shared. Even in the case of the special generic IDs that have been set up, those should only ever be used by one person at one time. If you have more questions on the information security policy, the Information Security Office website is located here.