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ImageNow 6.7 - Post-Upgrade Status Update #1

posted Aug 5, 2013, 9:31 AM by John Brown   [ updated Aug 5, 2013, 9:40 AM ]
Here are a few status updates on issues that we have been seeing with users on our first business day after going live with the upgrade:

Fax Agent
Fax Agent was not properly adding faxes to workflow when it was initially running this morning. The good news is that all faxes that came into it, were still in the system, but they were not routed to the appropriate locations for each functional area. We have since moved those back into workflow so that they will automatically get indexed and routed as they should. The Fax Agent itself has been updated to correct this behavior and we can confirm that all new incoming faxes are being routed as normal.

Users unable to log into the ImageNow client
We are seeing two primary issues with users logging in: 
  • An error message stating that the system cannot create a file - this may also appear at the end of the install process
  • The program just outright freezing on sign in
In both cases the solution is the same and can be found in the support article found here.

Unable to annotate documents that were printed into the system using the ImageNow Printer
We have also had some reports of issues with users being unable to annotate with sticky notes, stamps, etc. after the upgrade. This seems to be happening with just documents printed into the system with the ImageNow Printer. This is an issue we did find in testing and a solution can be found here.

Overall, the upgrade has gone well to this point, but we will continue to post updates for any other issues that arise from the new version.